IIT-JAM Chemistry Handwritten Notes PDF Download 2023

Handwritten notes clear the concepts in a very easy way, everyone should study the handwritten notes before the exam and make the concepts sharp. Here, in this post, you will get the IIT JAM Chemistry Handwritten Notes for IIT JAM 2023 so, if you are preparing for any M.Sc. Entrances with Chemistry subject then you should definitely study these Handwritten notes.

These notes cover the whole latest syllabus of IIT JAM Chemistry 2023, and the concepts are explained in very easy language. Some Questions are also solved after the topics. So, If you are wishing to download the Notes PDF then the Chapter-wise Notes are given with their download links below.

Benefits of Studying Concepts with Handwritten Notes

There are several potential benefits to studying handwritten notes:

  • Improved memory retention: Some research suggests that students who take handwritten notes may have better memory retention of the material compared to those who type their notes.
  • Greater engagement: Handwriting notes may require more mental effort and attention, which can lead to greater engagement with the material being studied.
  • Personalized organization: Handwritten notes can be organized and structured in a way that is personally meaningful to the student, which can make the material easier to review and understand.
  • Enhanced creativity: The process of handwriting notes can also stimulate creative thinking and facilitate the development of new ideas.
  • A better understanding of the material: The act of writing notes can help students better understand and process the material they are learning, which can lead to improved comprehension and retention.
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Download below the IIT JAM Chemistry Handwritten Notes in the PDF format:

You can download the chapterwise notes in pdf format from below.

S. No.ChaptersDownload Links
01.The Solid StateClick Here
02.The SolutionsClick Here
03.Boron and Carbon FamilyClick Here
04.Gaseous StateClick Here
05.Chemical EquilibriumClick Here
06.Ionic EquilibriumClick Here
07.General Organic Chemistry (GOC) Click Here
08.Thermodynamics and ThermochemistryClick Here
09.S – block Group ElementsClick Here
10.p – block Group Elements [15, 16, 17, 18]Click Here
11.IUPAC (Nomenclature)Click Here
12.Halogen DerivativesClick Here
13.Aldehyde and Ketone, Carboxylic AcidClick Here
14.Nitrogen-containing compoundsClick Here
15.Coordination CompoundsClick Here
16.Organic SpectroscopyClick Here
17.Important organic conversionsClick Here
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Which study material is best for IIT JAM chemistry?

It’s difficult to say which study material is best for the IIT JAM chemistry exam as different people may have different learning styles and preferences. However, here are a few suggestions for study materials that may be helpful for the IIT JAM chemistry exam:

01. Handwritten Notes: Firstly, you should go with IIT JAM Chemistry handwritten Notes, it is the best and primary study material to start preparing for any exam.

02. Textbooks: It’s a good idea to start by reviewing the core concepts in chemistry from a textbook. Look for a textbook that covers the topics that are typically included in the IIT JAM chemistry exam.

03. Practice problems: Solving practice problems is an effective way to test your understanding of the material and identify any areas where you need to improve. Look for a practice problem book or online resource that covers the topics that are typically included in the IIT JAM chemistry exam.

04. Online courses: There are many online courses that can help you review the material for the IIT JAM chemistry exam. These courses may include video lectures, practice problems, and other resources that can help you learn and review the material.

05. Tutoring or study groups: Working with a tutor or joining a study group can be a helpful way to review the material and get feedback on your understanding of the concepts.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to find study materials that work for you and that help you effectively review and understand the material.

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