Life Science and Biotechnology MCQ Practice Book PDF Download 2023

A good amount of practice Questions before the Final exam polish your preparation. So, in this post download the Life Science and Biotechnology MCQ Practice Book in the PDF format for free.

This is a very popular book for CSIR-NET, GATE, and many more exams so if you want to buy this book then definitely buy it, it is a cost-worthy product. Or you can also easily download the Book PDF from the link, which is given below.

Life Sciences and Biotechnology MCQ practice Book, an exclusive fundamentals search-based package of multiple choice questions, is basically designed for students to help them revise, consolidate and polish their knowledge and skills. This book is an attempt to provide concise yet comprehensive coverage of a true concept and application-based factual and synthetic questions to develop an in-depth understanding of the subject and assess and review knowledge.

Pathfinder Life Science and Biotechnology MCQ Practice Book Useful For

This book contains more than 2500 factual and synthetic questions accompanied by their answers. Questions contained in the book have been designed to be similar to the pattern used in CSIR-UGC-NET, GRE, DBT-JRF, ICMR, GATE, JNU (Ph.D.), TIFR/NCBS (Ph.D.), and IISc.

It also contains previous years questions from the above-mentioned examinations along with their answers to measure the level of understanding and their applications. This book is divided into Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Microbiology, Physiology, and Evolutionary Biology and contains two types of questions: Multiple Choice Questions and Fill in the blanks; which are designed to enable the student to identify patterns of examinations easily. For the sake of better self-assessment as well as a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the subject, we have kept it topic/chapter-wise.

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Download Pathfinder Life Science and Biotechnology MCQ Practice Book PDF for free

Book namePathfinder Life Science and Biotechnology MCQ Practice Book
AuthorsPranav Kumar & Satyendra Singh
Useful forIIT JAM, CSIR-NET, etc.
Total Pages375 Pages
File QualityClean & Good
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Table of Content of Pathfinder Life Science Book

Chapter 1. Amino Acids and Proteins
》This chapter includes questions from
》Amino acids and Peptides
》Protein structure
》Globular and Fibrous proteins
》Protein techniques
》Protein sequencing
》Amino acid metabolism
Chapter 2. Nucleic Acids
》This chapter includes questions from
》Nucleosides and Nucleotides
》Nucleic acids
》Electrophoresis and Sequencing
》Nucleotide metabolism
Chapter 3 . Carbohydrates and Lipids
》This chapter includes questions from
》Monosaccharides and Disaccharides
》Glycogenesis, Glycogenolysis, and Gluconeogenesis
》Fatty acids
》Triacylglycerol, Phospholipid, and Glycolipid
》Cholesterol and Lipoproteins
》Fatty acid metabolism
》Cholesterol metabolism
Chapter 4. Enzymes and Vitamins
》This chapter includes questions from
》Enzymes: General features
》Enzyme kinetics
》Enzymatic inhibition
》Regulatory enzymes
》Enzymatic reactions
Chapter 5. Cell Biology
This chapter includes questions from
Eukaryotic cell: Structure and function
Plasma Membrane: Structure and transport
Membrane transport
Membrane potential
Endoplasmic reticulum
Golgi complex
Intracellular trafficking
Cytoskeleton and Motility
Extracellular matrix and Cell junctions
Mitochondria and Chloroplast
Cell signaling
Cell cycle and Cell division
Chapter 6. Respiration
This chapter includes questions from
Glycolysis and Fermentation
Krebs cycle
Oxidative phosphorylation
Pentose phosphate pathway
Chapter 7. Photosynthesis
This chapter includes questions from
Photosynthesis: General features
Light reactions
Calvin cycle
Photorespiration, C, and CAM pathway
Transport of photoassimilate
Chapter 8 . Molecular Genetics
This chapter includes questions from
DNA Replication
Genome complexity
Transposable elements
Satellite DNA
Gene families
RNA processing
Prokaryotic gene regulation
Eukaryotic gene regulation
Genetic switch
DNA binding motifs
Genetic code
Ribosomes and tRNAs
Protein synthesis
DNA recombination
DNA repair
Gene mutation
Chapter 9. Recombinant DNA Technology
》This chapter includes questions from
》Enzymes, Vector
》DNA cloning, PCR
》Protein expression
》DNA library
》Engineering plants and animals
》Applications of recombinant DNA technology
Chapter 10. Classical Genetics
This chapter includes questions from
Mendel’s principle
Linkage and Mapping
Sex determination and Sex-linked inheritance
Quantitative inheritance
Chapter 11. Prokaryotes and Virus
》This chapter includes questions from
》Bacterial cell structure
》Bacterial growth and Cultivation
》Bacterial groups
》Bacterial genome
》Gene transfer and recombination
》Viroids and Prions
Chapter 12. Immunology
》This chapter includes questions from
》Innate and Adaptive immune response
》Adaptive immunity
》Cells and organs of the immune system
》MHC and Antigen presentation
》Antibodies: Structure and Function
》Organization and Expression of Ig genes
》Antigen-antibody interactions: Principles and applications
》B-cell: Generation, activation, differentiation, and Response
》T-cell: Maturation, activation, differentiation, and Response
》Cytokines and the Complement system
》Hypersensitivity and Autoimmunity
Chapter 13. Plant Physiology
This chapter includes questions from
Plant water relationship/Transport of minerals and water
Transpiration, Plant nutrition, Plant hormones
Photomorphogenesis and Vernalization
Seed physiology, Plant movements
Chapter 14. Human Physiology
This chapter includes questions from
》The nervous system, Sense organs
》Blood vascular system
》Respiratory system
》Excretory system
》Digestive system
》Reproductive system
》Endocrine system
Chapter 15. Diversity of Life
This chapter Includes questions from
Chapter 16. Ecology and Evolution
This chapter includes questions from
Biotic community and Succession
Population ecology
Population genetics
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Model Paper – II
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