Zelensky urgently addressed the Ukrainians: new strikes are possible (video)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reacted to Russia’s massive missile attack against Ukraine.

Zelensky published the corresponding video message on social networks. According to him, 85 missiles were fired over Ukraine, most of them targeting the energy infrastructure.

“It is clear what the enemy wants. He won’t get what he wants”– emphasized the president.

Zelensky added that the task of about 20 more strikes across the country is possible.

“Therefore, I am asking you very much: take care and stay in the shelters for a while. I know the strikes knocked out the power in many cities. We are working, we will restore everything, we will survive everything”. he emphasized.

The head of state ended his address to the citizens with the words “Glory to Ukraine!” and “Well done!”.

We will recall that on November 15, Russia again launched a massive missile attack against Ukraine. Four enemy rockets were shot down in the capital, while at the same time three residential buildings were hit in the Pechersk district of Kyiv. It is also known for explosions of infrastructure objects in many regions of the country.

Due to a massive missile attack, on the order of NEK “Ukrenergo”, the energy industry began an emergency power cut almost throughout Ukraine. The presidency called the situation critical.


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