Zelensky stated about Ukraine’s ability to replace Russian gas and oil for Europe

Ukraine is able to replace dirty fossil fuels (gas, oil, coal) from the Russian Federation with clean energy. This will become possible after the end of the war.

This was announced by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelenskyaddressing participants at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum.

According to the head of state, Ukraine has a huge potential in low-carbon energy and therefore can become a powerful source of new global development.

Thus, the climatic conditions and free space allow Ukraine to produce “green” electricity at a very competitive price. Zelensky reminded that in the last three years before the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, 7 GW of renewable energy was built in Ukraine.

“The potential is many times greater. Ukraine can produce tens of millions of tons of “green” and cheap ammonia. Plus strongest positions in bioenergy. Plus powerful nuclear power and energy infrastructure integrated with the European Union’s energy grid.” Zelensky noted.

He added that the missile terror of the Russian Federation is now targeting these sites. However, everything will be restored.

“Ukraine is capable of replacing dirty fossil fuels from the Russian Federation with clean energy. We have huge potential in low carbon energy. Ukraine is in a position to become a key partner of the European Union for the purposes of decarbonization. We will become one of the main suppliers of ‘green’ hydrogen and ‘green’ electricity in the EU.” – emphasized Zelensky.

We will remind you that on November 17, Russia again attacked infrastructure sites in Ukraine with missiles. The “Pivdenmash” plant in the Dnieper was damaged, rockets were also fired over the Kyiv Hydroelectric Plant.


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