Zelensky in Kherson: “We are going further”

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskywho on November 14 visited the liberated Kherson, stated that our country will continue to liberate the territories occupied by the aggressor.

“We keep going ahead. We are ready for peace, but peace for our whole country. This is the territory of our entire country. We respect international law and the sovereignty of every country, and now we are talking about the sovereignty of our country. That is why we are fighting against Russian aggression”he noted and emphasized that Ukraine does not believe the statements of Russia, which is trying to mislead the world community.

“We are not interested in the territory of other countries. We are only interested in the de-occupation of our country and our territories. So I don’t know what’s next, but it will be.”he added.

According to him, the nation pays a high price for the victories at the front, because the enemy does not want to voluntarily return what was taken: “No one gives anything that easily. The cost of this war is high. There are injured people, a large number of dead. before (Russian troops. — Auth.) retreated or fled—we believe they fled because our army surrounded the enemy and they were in danger. There were fierce battles and the result is that today we are in the Kherson region.”

Exclusive material “The word “Kherson” will be banned for a long time in Russian politics. It will be possible to say “N…r”, “dream” too, but not at the same time”, Roman Tsimbalyuk read on the FACTS website.

Photo of the President’s office


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