You can become a “volunteer” for $5000: in Kyiv blocked the channel for transporting “defectors” abroad

The head of a charity organization and his accomplice, who organized a scheme to illegally transfer men of military age across the border, were detained in Kyiv.

According to the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office, the head of the charity fund, together with an accomplice, offered men of conscription age to go abroad as volunteers, including them in the “Shlyakh” system. The attackers priced their services at US$5,000 per person.

More specifically, it was established that the men were going to transport abroad two citizens of military age.

After meeting the men on the territory of the city of Kyiv, the perpetrators received an advance of 5,000 dollars. They received another US$5,000 from a trusted person after the men passed through the customs control area.

Immediately after receiving the money, the participants in the scheme are detained.

As a result of the search, cash, mobile phones and seals were seized from the perpetrators.

Both “well-wishers” are being held on bail.

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