What not to do on the “dangerous” mirror date 11.11.2022 and how to wish correctly

Friday, November 11, will be a special day – this is another “mirror date”, in addition, in numerology the number 11 has a sacred meaning.

It is believed that the constituent units are a kind of conductor between the two worlds. Therefore, any wrong step will lead to negative consequences that can increase exponentially.

Note that November 11, 2022 it is forbidden to do the following:

  • to speak ill of;

  • quarrel;

  • participate in “dark” rites and rituals;

  • think about the negative and do bad things.

The most important prohibition on this day is to wish ill-wishers and enemies.

At the same time, the mirror date is the best day that will help attract positive changes and success in life. The most important thing is to think only positively and perform rituals that do not affect black magic.

What to do on November 11, 2022

On the mirror date, which falls on 11.11.2022, you must:

  • trust your intuition;

  • pay attention to the signs of fate;

  • be open to new things;

  • look at the numbers and figures;

  • listen to yourself

Fate can send many signs that you must be able to read. For example, if you happen to look at the clock on this day and there is a double number, then this is a kind of sign of fate. It could be said that one should stop and listen to one’s desires.

If you feel tired, you should take some rest and relax. If there is a desire to see a loved one, you should go to the meeting. The positive energy of each event will give strength and inspiration to implement new projects.

If a person listens to himself, then the mirror date will thank him. The person himself will not notice how many necessary people and pleasant moments will appear in his life.

The mirror date is considered an auspicious day for making a wish card for the coming year. To begin with, you need to make a collage of photos and write down in detail your desires that must come true in 2023. A uniform installation for the next year must be repeated on 11 sheets of paper. Then put them together and say the following words: “Wish come true, be my dream!”

Until midnight, all wishes must come true.

It is important to respect the time. At 11:11 you need to put money on the table and say the following words: “Money goes into money, it multiplies, my problems stop “.

The same ceremony can also be performed at 11:11 p.m. You must carry all pledged money with you in your wallet at all times until the new mirror date occurs.

Another version of the wish: at 11:11 say the following words: “Everything planned will come true, my home and my life will be filled with success” .

After that, a number of good days will occur in one’s life. That is why you should always believe only in the best and discover new talents for yourself.

We will recall that the famous tarot-numerologist Lyudmila Khomutovska warned the residents of Kyiv about the “arrival” of enemy missiles and even the possibility of casualties among the population.


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