‘What difference does it make which ammo you die in, so why pay more?’: Russian authorities’ new accounts revealed

The governor of the Oryol region of the Russian Federation, Andriy Klichkov, commenting on the complaints of the mobilized about poor-quality equipment, replied that “they can buy something else with their own money.” The attitude towards the mobilized racists is discussed in the “Forbidden Opinion” telegram channel.

“If someone doesn’t like it, let them buy it themselves.” Give thanks at all that at least the rusted machine guns and torn uniforms gave them away – they could have been driven naked into the trenches with diggers.” – said the head of the Oryol Region to the mobilized.

Putin’s elite don’t even try to pretend they care about his army of occupation. For her, he consists of impersonal cannon fodder, which is not at all pathetic from the word. What does it matter which ammo dies and if so why pay more? Nothing personal, just business.

The Kremlin is betting on quantity: it needs as many soldiers and missiles as possible and does not care what quality they will have. By the way, in order to “disprove” the complaints of the mobilized about the terrible treatment by the command, staged videos were shot in which people dressed in military uniforms with “smeared” faces call everything in the same pattern “Ukrainian fakes “. He said that the disaffected resigned 2 weeks ago and immediately joined the SBP.

Also, as they say, there are no losses, everyone is happy, the capture of Kyiv continues in 3 days, everything, as before, is going according to plan. And most importantly, don’t panic.

We recall that in the Chuvash Republic, the mobilized, who were “abandoned” by the authorities for money, raised a real rebellion.


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