“Weapons, like money, love silence”: Vladimir Elchenko on the supply of weapons to Ukraine

Arms are going and will go to Ukraine. But we will learn many more interesting things after the victory. He expressed this opinion in an exclusive interview for “FACTS”. Ambassador to the USA and Russia Vladimir Elchenko.

“Yes, the weapons are not enough, but no one expected that Russia would go this far in its plans. Although, like money, it is not abundant. Any military from any country will always tell you: they lack weapons. Of course we would like more. However, the stockpile of weapons in the United States is not inexhaustible. They are giving us, or have already given, everything they can.” Vladimir Elchenko thinks.

Speaking about lend-lease, Volodymyr Elchenko adds that it is in particular new orders for the production of weapons. It is not done in a day or a week. This takes time. Especially when it comes to high-tech, high-precision weapons that cannot simply be taken from a warehouse and handed over to Ukraine. It is also necessary to teach our military to use it. Especially when delivering missile defense. It is a complex technical weapon that must be mastered.

“I would also add that this is a subject in which there cannot be absolute openness. For example, I am absolutely certain that we are being given a lot more weapons than reported.” Volodymyr Elchenko summarizes.

Earlier, military expert Alexander Kovalenko told how many kamikaze drones are left in the Russian Federation and which countries can still supply it with weapons.

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