“We will shoot you and throw you into a common grave”: it became known about the attitude of the commanders to the “Chmobits”

The Russian military apparently maintains a network of illegal secret prisons for deserters. Relatives of the “Chmobicites” report inhumane conditions in the detention center. The men are sent as “smoke meat”, often without proper training and weapons. And those who resist such processing are sent to dark underground torture chambers along with other people who refuse, writes the independent Russian portal Astra.

The Russian army has reportedly created a veritable network of underground prisons for its soldiers in eastern Ukraine. According to Astra, it is possible to identify 7 dungeons and 60 prisoners, but it is assumed that the prisoners are more. Only in the village of Zaitseve, Luhansk region, 43 mobilized servicemen are being held. It is reported that on October 20, their unit was sent to the front between Svatov and Kremina in Luhansk region, where fierce fighting took place. There, their commanders abandon the fighters without food and water, without ammunition and means of communication.

Ukrainian artillery delivered a heavy blow to Russian positions, destroying or wounding many of them. On October 28, the rest of the unit went on foot to Starobilsk, 60 kilometers away, which was held by the Russians. There, the men boarded a bus hired by their relatives to take them to Russia. However, they were stopped at the border crossing with the Russian Federation and taken back to Starobilsk in two cars marked “Military Commandant’s Office”, where they spent the night in a hangar without any supplies.

On November 3, they were taken without further explanation to the village of Zaitseve, where they were met by armed policemen who fired warning shots.

Now they have two options”Astra quoted the son of one of the men. — They go either to death or to prison. This is the destruction of our people by our own officers!”.

Several more relatives reported threats by the commander to the “prisoners”: “We will shoot you, throw you in a mass grave and tell your relatives that you have disappeared.”

The independent Russian portal The Insider also reported on secret prisons for conscientious objectors. Twenty-one mobilized servicemen are being held in a basement in the village of Zavitne Bazhana in the Donetsk region, the portal reported, citing the men’s wives and mothers. Despite the repeated appeals of the superiors, the racists refused to go to the front. And the occupation commanders called them traitors and threatened to shoot them.

We remind you that even in “FACTS” you can read “Thirst for life: near Kherson, mobilized racists killed their commander and surrendered together as prisoners, media”.


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