“We will find your pro-Russian harem”: Dombrovsky took a tough step against Konstantin Bidov

Stanislav Dombrovsky, a popular blogger and poet from Odessa, took a hard look at Konstantin Bidovoy, nicknamed Kostya Kalosha. A video clip of his comment appeared on YouTube, Ukrainian News reports.

“You look (to Kostya Kalosha. — author.), the beard is gray, the man is powerful… It seems that one should hold in one’s hands when one remembers. Well, who is there…” —
Dombrowski commented on Kaloshi’s behavior.

According to Dombrowski, at one point Kalosha made unfounded accusations against him.

“He’s at Mona’s (Mihailo Maiman. — author .) on the channel started to choose me. Accordingly, when it was presented to him: what the hell are you doing, let’s prove it…” Dombrowski is outraged.

As a result, as the blogger notes, Bedovi became hysterical and refused to communicate.

“Just hysteria is madness. Get in touch and explain… Maybe I got it wrong…” – reflects the behavior of Kalosha Dombrovski.

According to him, in his hysterical statements, Kalosha also mentions Adolfich (apparently he is talking about the writer Volodymyr Nesterenko,
Ed.), who is known for his cooperation with the KGB and pro-Russian views.

“It’s all coming together. Bidova escaped, Adolfina remembered. Adolfina is such a KGB girl, a sexy bitch. Now I understand who taught Monya all these actions… The war began. The booth came out: Adolfich, Bidova… We are your rooster, we will find a pro-Russian harem. It’s about time. Thank you, Bidova, for revealing this abscess. Now wait. Everyone will know who you are”Dombrowski said.

We will remind you that Stas Dombrovski is not only a famous blogger and journalist, he is also a popular figure in the field of culture, gathered around himself informal poets and musicians from Odessa, which he united in the group “KPD”. He is the author of the “Theater in Moldavanka” project, where he holds the position of manager.

As Dilo reported, even before the full-scale invasion, Bedovi was known for his Ukrainophobic statements and pro-Russian narratives, which he expressed on the airwaves of Russian propaganda media.


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