“We no longer have a regiment”: Racists complain to their relatives about “successes” at the front

A criminal case for desertion is being conducted against 20 temporarily mobilized Russians from the Lipetsk region who escaped from positions in the Svatovo region of the Luhansk region. The remaining 2,500 men of their formation perished. This is what the Russian publication “Verstka” wrote about, referring to a relative of one of the soldiers and publishing an audio recording of a telephone conversation of one of those who managed to survive.

We present the recording, but be warned – there is a lot of profanity.

We’re just meat, just fucking meat, they don’t think of us as people. Boys are coming, 15 people are coming from only one battalion, they say 20 people, all boys, there are no more of our battalions. Yesterday the fighter pushed us, you have to last two weeks. How can we last a fortnight, having been here 12 or so days, and no regiment left, 2,500 dead. Yesterday they took our weapons, they already consider us deserters. Those who brought out the boys who are here now, who say – damn it, put us on*, we won’t go there anymore. In reality, they say – no, I’d rather lie down for 10 years, but I’ll be alive. They tell them you are deserters, you disobeyed orders, you abandoned your officers who were not there*”– says the mobilized.

We are talking about servicemen from the 2nd command company of the 362nd motorized rifle regiment who underwent training at the Air Force Training Center in Voronezh. Relatives of those mobilized from the same regiment previously recorded a video message in which they stated that their relatives, who are on the front line near Svatov, appear to be missing.

We recall that FAKT previously wrote that Russian conscripts were forced to dig trenches with their bare hands, and were not given shovels and weapons.


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