Ukraine’s energy losses are approaching a critical point, the EU commissioner said

Damage to Ukraine’s energy infrastructure as a result of Russia’s strikes is “approaching a critical point.”

This is the European commissioner for anti-crisis management Janez Lenarcic wrote on Twitter.

“The destruction of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure reaches a tipping point”, – the message says.

According to Lenarchic, the European Union is currently working in a non-stop mode to help secure electricity supplies.

At the same time, through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Slovakia, the Netherlands and Sweden provide additional support.

We remind you that on November 15, the Russian occupiers launched a new massive strike against Ukraine, as a result of which energy infrastructure facilities were damaged. Later, Deputy Chief of Staff of the President Kyrillo Tymoshenko stressed that the situation with the power system was critical after the enemy attacks.

The situation worsened even more today, November 17, when one of the thermal power plants was completely shut down. The enemy struck critical infrastructure objects with cruise missiles and Iranian kamikaze drones, which were launched from the territory of the Rostov and Kursk regions of Russia, as well as Belarus.


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