Ukraine will have to buy additional gas for the winter: what is known

Due to the attacks of the Russian invaders on the sites of the critical infrastructure of Ukraine, as well as the insufficient amount of gas in the underground storages, Kyiv will have to buy additional gas to get through the heating season.

Currently, according to the head of Naftogaz Yury Vitrenka, 14.2 billion cubic meters of blue fuel are pumped into underground gas storages. According to the summer plan of the Cabinet of Ministers, 19 billion cubic meters were to be brought in, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

According to him, 14 billion cubic meters of gas would be enough for the heating season “under normal conditions”. In wartime, given the electricity problems, Ukraine may need additional gas imports.

“Currently, there are problems in the power industry, and it is worth expecting that they will also appear in the winter. So we understand that additional volumes are needed for energy companies and they will most likely have to be imported.” Vitrenko said.

We remind you that as a result of massive Russian attacks in the past week, up to 40% of the energy infrastructure in Ukraine has been damaged, which leads to the need for significant electricity savings. Gas production can be an alternative to coal production.

Earlier it was reported that in the future Ukraine plans to receive gas from Norway via Denmark and Poland through the recently opened Baltic Pipe gas pipeline. Delivery arrangements are already in place, but there are no funds to purchase gas.

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