They will answer together with the Russian Federation: Zelensky named the country that should be punished for promoting terror towards the Kremlin

The Iranian regime’s complicity in Russian terror must be punished.

That’s what the president said Vladimir Zelensky in an address on the occasion of the results of the 256th day of the war.

“We will raise this issue not only at the level of our traditional partners. The whole world will understand that the Iranian regime is helping Russia to continue this war and therefore to continue the effect of these threats to peace that were provoked by the Russian war. – promised the head of the Ukrainian state.

If it weren’t for the Iranian supply of arms to the aggressor, our country would now be closer to peace. And this means that we are closer to a complete solution to the food crisis. Closer to solving the cost of living crisis. The energy market is closer to stabilization. Closer to a reliable defense against radiation blackmail, which Russia does not abandon.

“Therefore, absolutely anyone who helps Russia continue this war must bear responsibility for the consequences of this war along with it.” President Zelensky is confident.

According to him, Ukraine understands that the terrorist state is concentrating forces and means for a possible repetition of massive attacks against our infrastructure. First of all, energy. Even for that, Russia needed Iranian missiles.

“We’re getting ready to respond,” – assured the Ukrainian leader, noting that now it is increasingly being reported that not a single carrier of the “Caliber” has been on combat duty in the Black Sea.

“This is a very important result secured by our defenders. The smaller the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the safer it is in the Black Sea. And there will definitely come a day when we will be able to report that we have provided Ukraine with full protection from the Russian threat both by sea and in the air. I’m sure of it.” – stressed the president of Ukraine.

We recall that earlier Zelensky estimated the scale of Russia’s losses in the war with Ukraine, comparing them with the numbers of the two Chechen armies together, and set the Ukrainians a national task to survive the energy terror of the aggressor country.


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