“They waved the pen and drove off”: it became known how commanders left “chmobikes” on the front line

In the Swatovo region, where the occupiers are being destroyed by the hundreds, the Russian “chombots” were left without command and weapons. In their desperation, the mobilized even consider blowing themselves up with a grenade if the armed forces approach. About this and the conditions of service, the recruit from the “second army of the world” told his brother on the phone, and his relatives provided the audio recording to the journalists of the “Attention, News” project.

According to the publication, the Rashists ended up in the Liman direction. At first, the mobilized were promised that they would go only to protect the headquarters, but in the end they were sent to the front – in a forest strip in the Svatovo region. According to one of the soldiers, the command then “waved the pen and left”.

“Sorry, I took a grenade from Sanko. I have both a fuse and a grenade. There will be something hotter, I will not give up, – says the mobilized relative.

– Take your time, cu***. Oh, you only have auto horns and shit.

— I have equipment: two horns (one I gave), the third in a machine, the machine is not mine. They just patched up the holes in the defense.”

Rashist said that the military under Svatov lacked proper weapons and equipment, did not know the names of their commanders, and above all, even food trucks could not reach them. The forest strip they are in has already been partially cut down for firewood, so they are left without shelter. At the same time, their positions are regularly attacked. The military also said they sometimes came under fire from their own artillery.

“Here the signals are flying again. Missiles are fired. When we got here, you know how bad it was to sleep when you couldn’t hear the fucking mortar. Eb**** every 5-10 minutes. Or according to our position, then left-right is ****. I never thought I would sleep under such explosions.” – said the mobilized.

We recall that Rashists regularly complain about traitorous commanders and old weapons, and also organize riots over payment fraud.

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