‘They threw us like bait’: Racists complain of traitorous commanders and old weapons

Alexey Pupinin, who was mobilized from the Kursk region of the Russian Federation, spoke about the huge losses among the Russian military in the Luhansk region. The recording of the telephone conversation was published by Verstka.

It is known that the mobilized racist called his wife and mother on the evening of November 7:

“Let everybody hear this record ***, put it on the internet that it’s all true. They load the “two hundred” boys. The second motorized rifle battalion that arrived from Voronezh is now considered missing. People are being enticed in the literal sense of the word to declassify the armed forces, the artillery. People are sent to slaughter. Can you hear me?”

A relative of a soldier of the Russian Federation answers briefly: “I hear, I hear.”

“Please spit on this *** Ministry of Defence, *** they have all the brains. Please guys help us, – pleads a racist – It is very difficult. Our permanent art. Our battalion stands in the middle. After our battalion stands the Armed Forces. There are no weapons at all. Artillery works, but hits the wrong place. It’s not there at all, just nearby. We’ve had guns since ’85. This armor is patched with fragments. People’s helmets were just crushed. All who were there lay under artillery and mortar fire. Help us. We don’t want to be meat. The question is this. That is, they send us to be slaughtered. They told us one thing, and now it’s another.”

According to the publication, relatives of those mobilized from Kursk have been going to the building of the military prosecutor’s office and the regional administration for two days in a row.

We remind you that the other day, the deceived mobilized racists revolted again.

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