They searched for their son for almost six months: a moving story about the fallen officer

When there was no contact with Anatoly Perepelichny at the end of May and alarming news arrived, the parents and villagers still hoped for a miracle, like the one with Ivan Bolyubash, a soldier from Radivka. But the first days of November brought the most terrible news to the relatives who had been looking for Tolya for half a year. That day the senior lieutenant, who was only to turn 28 years old, was sent on his last journey. They covered the road in their native Vinnytsia region with flowers, bowed their heads in sorrow and wept.

Compatriots and brothers see off the hero on his last journey

“Those who knew Tolya could not believe that he – such a kind, sincere, sociable person – is no longer and will not be. After school in Khorodkivka, Tolya entered the National University of Civil Defense, simultaneously studying in the military department, – reports the local edition “Silski Novini”. — After graduating from university, he went to serve in the ranks of the armed forces of Ukraine – even as Russia fanned the flames of war in eastern Ukraine. He was the chief of the Radiological, Chemical and Bacteriological Protection Service of a separate Marine Corps battalion. He serves with dignity and integrity. He is a recipient of the award of the President of Ukraine “For Exemplary Service”, “Defender of Ukraine” medal, “For participation in an anti-terrorist operation” and others. But the enemy cut short a young life. A worthy son of beautiful parents, father, grandson, friend – he would live and live. In 2022, graduates of Tolin’s class planned to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their graduation. The war wiped out these and all other good plans. Instead of their embodiment – bitter sadness.”

Anatoly Perepelichnyi had many awards for his conscientious service

The body of another Hero of the native land goes to its eternal place at the mournful “Plive Kacha”. At the cemetery, Anatoly’s mother was presented with a flag – a symbol of the state for which her son gave his young life. Tolly’s comrades, gritting their teeth, quietly wiped away their tears.

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