They returned a contract volunteer to war with “chmobilization” with a bullet in the head and epilepsy

While smarter Muscovites are fleeing mobilization, others are burning with a desire to fight in Ukraine. Fedir Vanyukov from Krasnodar, a father of three, went to kill Ukrainians back in April, explaining to his relatives: “Why do my children sleep in warm beds, and there – under bullets”. Strange logic, probably his head was already damaged by something – because after his arrival in Ukraine, the balls in it only increased.

Until the end of the summer, he managed to survive and even come on vacation. Here it became clear that his head was certainly damaged. “Fedya complained of a headache. They couldn’t do an MRI, they said there was metal in the head.”– wrote his wife, now a widow Polina, on Instagram.

Her husband was hospitalized in the city clinic with a diagnosis of high blood pressure, an injury and… a bullet in the head. As he lay there on drips, periodically falling into epileptic fits, the military authorities terrorized his wife, demanding that her husband be discharged from the hospital or at least transferred to a military hospital.

When the man recovered a little, he was called to the military unit in Molkino (military unit 51532 is stationed in the Kuban, near the village of Molkino, — the 10th brigade of special forces of the GRU. — Author) to write reports on the implementation of the contract and passing a medical examination on completion. They didn’t want to hire him directly because of his health.

And at the end of September, the resident of Krasnodar again went to kill Ukrainians – already as “partially mobilized”. “By all parameters, my Fedya should not have returned to SVO, but they decided otherwise. I’ll never forget the words: “Now try, prove that that bullet flew to you over there on SVO!” writes the widow. Fortunately for the Ukrainians, this trip was short-lived – within a week, Polina was already sad that she had lost her husband, and her children had lost their father. But “they buried him with all the honors as he wished”.

Now the widow demands that her buried Fedya be awarded not only an order posthumously, but also two medals, which she says he won in August in the battles for the villages of David Brid and Bilogorka (liberated from the Rashists in October and September, respectively. — Auth .) in Kherson region: “If the commander didn’t present my man for the award in time, that’s his problem. My family shouldn’t have to suffer because of this!” Well, this is, if not “Lada”, then at least some advantages as a knight of medals and orders.

Polina posted her “Yaroslavna’s cry” on Instagram, which in Russia is characterized as “a social network belonging to the company Meta, recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation.” In addition, she tagged in this “forbidden network” Shoigu, Zakhar Prilepin, Margarita Simonyan, the governor of the Kondratiev region and even Putin himself. (Then who is the ban for? – author)

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Photo from Polina Vanyukova’s Instagram


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