“They paid 40-45 thousand rubles each”: a Ukrainian traitor received a heavy sentence for participating in the war against the Armed Forces

Recently, in the Kharkiv region, the SBU detained a traitor who helped the Russians capture and occupy Vovchansk. And now the Shevchenko District Court of Kyiv considered the case against Mykola Kambura, a member of the illegal armed formation of the LPR terrorist organization “People’s Militia”.

In early April 2021, he voluntarily signed a contract for military service while in the occupied Bryansk region of Luhansk region. He was listed in the lists of the territorial defense battalion “USSR Bryanka” as a PTR (anti-tank gun) gunner with the rank of private.

After a full-scale invasion, Kambura voluntarily reassigned to the same unit. From April 2021 to August 2, 2022, the terrorist performed combat tasks related to the military seizure of the territory of Ukraine. In addition to participating in combat, he provided security at checkpoints, checking the documents of residents of settlements that were taken over by the Russian armed forces during a full-scale invasion to identify servicemen of the armed forces.

On August 2, our fighters captured a terrorist near the city of Bakhmut. In a video released by the Ukrainian military at the time, the traitor admitted that he was from the city of Zolote and studied to be a potter in Luhansk. When asked about his service with the occupiers, Mykola said that he was forced to fight, for which he was paid 10-15 thousand rubles a month. From February 2022 – 40-45 thousand rubles each with combat. At the end of the video, he cried that his men threw him into a minefield and he decided to surrender to the Ukrainian army. And he urged his mother to exchange it.

For his actions, Mykola Kambura received 12 years of imprisonment with confiscation of all personal property.

We will remind you that there will be no rest on Ukrainian land for occupiers, traitors and collaborators: the “deputy head of the administration” died in Kherson.


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