“They didn’t care, and now they want both money and Lada: ex-husbands of Russian women want money for their dead sons

Russian judges are increasingly having to deal with disputes over compensation for those who died as a result of the war in Ukraine. This is due to the fact that the money is often sought by men who left their families decades ago and paradoxically began to show interest in their children only after their deaths, RFE/RL reports.

Our marriage was troubled from the start. – said Natalia Olenikova, a native of Khakassia, who married Yevgeny Fontin in 1993 – Shortly after the wedding, she became pregnant and gave birth to a son, Bogdan. However, three years later, the husband left. He took our fridge, the furniture and left. She heard little of him for the next twenty-three years. The situation changed dramatically after Bohdan, 26, died on the Ukrainian front in the summer and his biological father was offered the chance to receive a share of the compensation. Russia has promised up to 12 million rubles to the victims’ families. All these years he did not even buy his son chocolate. He never met him“.

For most Russians, the said twelve million rubles is an astronomical sum and in some cases has become the cause of family upheaval. And with the growing number of occupiers returning to Russia in coffins, there are more and more such disputes, RFE reports. A court in Saratov recently ruled that the biological father was not entitled to compensation for his son’s death after his ex-wife proved that he did not help raise him and did not pay child support.

Benefits and a number of promised bonuses were also a motive for many to marry after the mobilization was announced. After the award was announced, the number of such marriages increased rapidly, even several times in some regions of Russia. However, it is not clear whether those entitled to compensation will receive the promised money. Reuters reported in the summer that the Russian authorities were in no rush to pay them. Some fighters or survivors complain that they have so far received only a fraction of the promised money or none at all.

We will recall that the Rashists complain to their relatives about the “successes” on the front: “We no longer have a regiment.”


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