They detained a Russian spy in the city hall of Nikolaev (photo, video)

In Nikolaev, which is subject to constant attacks by rebels, during a meeting with the mayor, a traitor was detained – the head of the communal enterprise “Nikolaev Ritual Service”, whose task was, in particular, to inform the enemy about the operation of critical infrastructure facilities.

According to the SBU, a Russian intelligence network led by an official was neutralized in the city. He tried to involve four more people with pro-Kremlin views in intelligence work.

SBU photo

“One of the tasks of the traitor was to organize a powerful intelligence group of the special services of the Russian Federation. The attacker “handed over” to the enemy the personal data of servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine, employees of the National Police and the regional prosecutor’s office. It also transmits lists of fallen Ukrainian defenders to the Russian army, collects intelligence on the location and movement routes of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Another of his tasks was to inform the aggressor about the work of the sites of the critical infrastructure of Nikolaev and other closed issues that were discussed at the meetings of the city council. – the message says.

SBU officials established the identity of a representative of the special services of the Russian Federation, who coordinates the activity of the network from the territory of the temporarily occupied Kherson. It was on his behalf that the attackers collected intelligence and transmitted it through anonymous Telegram accounts.

During searches of the places of work and residence of the accused, law enforcement officials found evidence of criminal acts, in particular, conspiratorial correspondence of the head of the enemy agency with his “curator”.

We remind you that the other day an 18-year-old boy was detained in Kharkiv region – he was collecting information about the positions and movements of Ukrainian equipment and military. A resident of Krasnograd agreed to cooperate with the enemy for money.

SBU photo


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