“They decided to bury Ina in a coffin, refused the crematorium because she was already there”: details of the pregnant woman killed by a Russian missile in the Dnieper

In Dnipro, they said goodbye to another victim of Russian terrorists – 25-year-old Inna Odanets, who died as a result of a rocket attack on a gas station. In seconds the car was engulfed in a ball of fire, the woman who was to become a mother in a month was in the passenger seat of the Tavria car. Her husband Maxim tried to get her out of there, but failed, the car burned to the ground… The relatives of the deceased still do not know that she and her unborn son are no longer there, the victim is still in the intensive care unit of a local hospital. The deceased’s mother, stepfather, grandmother, sister, two nephews and mother-in-law are in mourning.

“Ina will forever remain in our memory as a bright and cheerful girl, it seems to me that the smile does not leave her face– said “FACT” mother-in-law of the deceased Marina Gromova. — She studied at the Dnipro Faculty of the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, and recently worked as a cashier at a children’s entertainment center. They met Maxim a long time ago, when the son worked as a taxi driver and often picked her up from work and brought her home. In the last crash, she saved Maxim’s life. This happened a few years ago in the Dnieper. The case was quite noisy. At night, two taxi drivers collided at the intersection. Then Inna was nearby, her son hit his head on the rack, she took him out of the car and handed him over to the medics. So I have always told my daughter-in-law that she is like a daughter to me and I am grateful to her for saving my son’s life. After the accident, the son bought another Tavria and changed the settings and spare parts from the previous one.

Once Ina asked Maxim to help her make repairs, because her son also did such work. Since it was far and quite expensive to get home, the son started staying with his girlfriend. With the beginning of a full-scale invasion, the Russian Federation moved his belongings to her, and the lovers began to live together. We were happy when we found out that Ina was pregnant. But she was going through, they say, such a difficult time, she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to cope. But as a whole family we convinced her that everything will be fine and we will help as much as we can. In the summer, the couple learned that they would have a son. The name has already been chosen – Timur. He was supposed to be born between December 1st and 4th. The couple dreamed of ordering a sign for a cart to drive down the street, and those around them saw that they had a son, Timurchik. The daughter-in-law’s pregnancy was not quite perfect, there was a threat of miscarriage because she had health problems. The daughter-in-law was even in hospital. For a long time, the woman takes medicines, vitamins, all her relatives take care of her. Inochka never went to work, Maxim always accompanied her to the hospital, helped her put on socks, shoes and wash her hair. He loved his wife so much that I just don’t know how he’s going to get through it. We take our time because the doctors forbid us to talk. When they move my son to the general ward, I will have to confess everything. Maxim supposes because he was conscious at the time…”

The car in which the young couple was was completely burnt

On October 19, Inna and Maxim went to the RAC in tracksuits and signed. At the same time, their last joint photo was taken – a happy Innochka is sitting in the car with a smile. She and her husband were happy to have bought all the things for the maternity home.

The last joint photo of the happy family

“On the day of the tragedy, we still saw each other at the passport office, because I had to solve problems with documents, Marina Gromova continues. – Inna hugged me tightly and hugged me as if saying goodbye. She never did because she was quite shy, and here I felt so much warmth and love from her. After that, the couple hurried home, because in the morning Maxim had to go on a business trip. So the couple went to the gas station, filled up a full tank of gas and gasoline. He washed the car, drank coffee and already left the gas station in the direction of home, passing other cars on the main road. And then a fragment of a rocket fell behind their car, an explosion echoed! The gas cylinder flew tens of meters away. The son managed to escape from the burning car. He threw himself into the fire to get his beloved. But during the explosion of the gas bottle and the impact, the passenger door opened and nothing came out. At that moment, the boy who left the gas station in front of him saw my son in the rearview mirror and stopped. He took him in his car and took him to the hospital. Innochka, as she was in a sitting position, was also burned. I met my sister-in-law in the morgue, I took her too… They decided to bury her in a coffin, they refused the crematorium, because in fact she was already there…

A fragment of the rocket fell near the gas station

It is very painful to remember. My daughter-in-law’s mother Natalya took the tragedy extremely hard, she and Inna had a very warm relationship, she was looking forward to the birth of her grandson and worried that everything would be okay with her daughter.

The husband of the deceased, Maxim Gromov, is in a stable, serious condition. The mother is constantly on duty near the ward and is allowed to see her son for a few minutes to give him moral support.

“I don’t sit next to him for a long time because I choke on tears and I don’t have the right to cry next to him. My son lost a lot of blood. His hands and head have been burned, parts of his small and large intestines have been removed, and he will be on a diet for the rest of his life. He underwent four operations, in half a year he will have another one.”

Card for help to the family of Inna Odanets: 4966 8046 0806 4852 Odanets Natalia Ivanovna.

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