They betrayed patriots to the enemy: the SBU revealed two accomplices of the occupiers

In the liberated territory of the Luhansk region, the Security Service of Ukraine revealed two more accomplices of the aggressor who, during the occupation of the region, “gave over” the addresses of Ukrainian patriots to the enemy and helped to “settlement” squatting groups in the homes of local residents.

In addition, they organized meals for the personnel of the invaders and offered them their own homes in the Nevsky Svativ district, the special service reports.

For such cooperation, they receive a “special status” from the occupation administration and the opportunity to move freely in the occupied territory of the region.

After the liberation of the settlement, however, they remained in the village and, in order to avoid justice, tried to gain the trust of the Ukrainian military.

However, employees of the Security Service discovered the collaborators, documented their criminal activities and arrested them. At the moment, they have been notified of the suspicion under Part 1 of Art. 111−2 (“Assisting the aggressor state”) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and a preventive measure in the form of detention was chosen.

The sanction of the said article provides for a penalty of imprisonment for a term of up to 12 years.

We will remind you that earlier near Kharkiv a traitor postwoman was detained, who set out to create a branch of the “posts of Russia” in the temporarily occupied territory of the Kharkiv region.

SBU photo


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