There will be no negotiations with Russia and after victory I will go to the sea in Crimea, – Zelensky in an interview for Czech TV

The leaders of some countries would like Ukraine to compromise with Russia. But it does not matter. For that President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with Czech TV.

“We were already there (in the arrangements. — author). Nothing new for us, no surprises. I already know how this story will end”he noted.

The President of Ukraine emphasized that there are enough agreements. Ukraine should build pragmatic relations.

“Because they (Russians. – author) very dangerous They are big. And now we see the results of such a policy”the president said.

Zelensky called the Russians savages.

“They are such a crowd of hungry, angry, ferocious people, savages. They killed people for an umbrella, a kettle, a toilet. What is? Where were they held? The feeling that they were kept in pits, cages, behind bars, and then they said – “we let you go, run over there and kill these people”Zelensky shared his impressions.

He said he once had business with the Russians but “didn’t know there could be something like that inside”: “These are not people”.

Zelensky touched on the subject of wiretapping of the occupiers’ telephone conversations with their relatives in the Russian Federation, where Russians use foul language.

“If that’s how you communicate with your parents, then it’s clear why you behave that way [на війні]. These are animals. Ignorant and ill-mannered animals – that’s all. Cynical. Ukrainians are treated humiliatingly”said Zelensky.

He emphasized that during the years of independence, Ukraine did not expect such belligerent and bloody steps from Russia.

“We in Ukraine did not build a strong security system for 30 years because we did not expect such aggressive steps from them. This was the biggest mistake of our country, of Ukrainian politics.”– he said.

Asked if the president thought nuclear war was real, he said: “I’m not sure. I don’t want to give an assessment, because Russia is very fond of doing the opposite: “What did they say? There will be no use of nuclear weapons? And let’s think about how to use it.”

Zelensky added that even after the end of the war, security will remain a top priority for Ukraine. This applies not only to our country, but also to other countries that once suffered from Russia’s actions.

“After this war, everyone will treat security in a particularly essential way. I believe safety will be the number one priority. We will crush Russia on our soil, but this does not mean that it will not return in 10-20 years. I want to believe that they will change their attitude towards the world and their society”he announced.

At the same time, the president is sure that “if they don’t want to give up Donbass and Crimea, it will mean that the war is not over. Because we have an example of such a frozen conflict. They will stay, and we will say that these are our territories, (…) and they will say that they are theirs. Each country will wait to start de-occupying them. It’s not about peace, it’s not about ending war.”

The president also said that after Ukraine’s victory in the war against Russia, he wants to go to sea in the liberated Crimea.

When asked by a journalist about the first thing he will do after the victory, Zelensky answered: “I will go to Crimea. I really want to see the sea.”

As “FACTS” wrote, earlier in his regular address, President Zelensky called Russia’s attacks on our country’s critical infrastructure a challenge for all of Europe.

photo: Office of the President of Ukraine


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