“There was a panic flight for three days”: an expert how the racists left Kherson

In an interview with Charter97.org, the military-political columnist from the Information Resistance group Alexander Kovalenko told why the Russian army left Kherson and which bridgehead will become a priority for the Armed Forces.

“The decision to leave Kherson is clearly not related to the weather conditions, which do not suit them, – considers Alexander Kovalenko. – It was simply impossible for the occupiers to maintain their presence on the right bank of the Kherson region. They fled to the left because the suicidal impasse that began to develop with the Russian occupation formation in July catalyzed itself. They already had their management system, security system, etc. down. Everything was under constant fire pressure from the armed forces of Ukraine. They really didn’t see the point of staying on the right bank, so they left the right bank. There was no organized exit, there was a panicked escape in the last three days. Here it is important to pay attention to such a point as the management system of advanced units. She began to limp in them since mid-summer, falling significantly. In August, he was already ineffective.”

According to the analyst, when the armed forces of Ukraine completely de-occupy the right bank, then the expected shelling by the occupiers of the settlements on the right bank from the left bank will begin.

“This should be expected, we should be morally and psychologically prepared for it. But is it a trap? No, this is a completely logical consequence of the release of territories. The terror of the civilian population, the constant shelling of civilian objects by the occupiers, they happen everywhere. Kherson, in my opinion, may even take over the sad baton of Nikolaev in the coming days. Until the armed forces of Ukraine form a full-fledged counter-battery fight in the right part of the Kherson region, Kherson will be attacked. Once the conditions for counter-battery combat are created, the number of these strikes will decrease, but there will remain a threat of strikes from the S-300 air defense system, for example, which are quite problematic to intercept. This is the price of liberation, this is a consequence of the fact that Russia intends to continue using terrorist methods to conduct military operations against Ukraine in any place and under any conditions.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian troops continue to liberate Kherson region. Today, November 13, the Armed Forces of Ukraine raised the Ukrainian flag over the village of Lviv, Berislavsky District.

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