“There is no reason to talk about evacuation”: Klitschko comments on the turmoil in Kyiv

After Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko warned residents of the capital about the possibility of a worst-case scenario, when the city will have no electricity, water, heating or communications and called on citizens to be ready to leave other regions, KMDA noted that there is currently no reasons to talk about evacuation.

According to the words Director of the Department of Municipal Security Roman Tkachukcity ​​officials are developing various plans and teaching people to react and be ready now.

“This is a very important step to avoid chaos in the processes that should work to minimize the risks to the population. Evacuation committees have long existed in each region in case of completely different emergency situations – from floods to accidents in critical infrastructure facilities., he emphasized and added that as part of the preparation of the civil defense system, the city government is forced to consider all possible options for action in the event of an emergency. In particular, in case of complete and long-term absence of electricity, water and heat supply.

“The civil defense system must be ready for different options, but this does not mean that we are now preparing to conduct an evacuation. In order to react properly, we must have a plan for all eventualities”he emphasized.

In particular, in each district of Kyiv, an average of 100 heating points will be prepared, which will work in case of emergency situations in winter. They will be arranged on the basis of social facilities, since it is there that the supply of heat and energy will be ensured in case of a critical situation.

Earlier, DTEK executive director Dmytro Sakharuk noted that electricity could be cut off completely in the event of another Russian shelling. Depending on the situation, it could take an hour or more to restore power, which could lead to freezing weather evacuations.

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