“There is no money, but you behave”: Deceived, mobilized racists once again revolted

Those mobilized in Russia complain not only about the unbearable conditions in the assembly points and the lack of provisions. In the Chuvash Republic, the rebellion of recruits continues for the third day, demanding that the authorities immediately transfer 400 million rubles allocated from the local reserve fund to their personal accounts. On November 3, the soldiers issued a collective appeal to the head of Chuvashia, Oleg Nikolaev, in which they demanded the fulfillment of their demand. According to local publications, which publish a photo of the said letter, over 2,000 mobilized people are ready to sign it.

Outraged soldiers issued a collective appeal to the head of Chuvash Oleg Nikolaev

The deputy head of the administration of the republic informed the mobilized about the 400 million rubles promised earlier. Later, however, the authorities relented: the Minister of Finance of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic denied the allocation of the specified amount from the reserve fund. According to him, only 100 million rubles were allocated to support the mobilized, another 30 million rubles were collected from one of the funds. Thus, he does not know about any 400 million rubles. As for the collected 130 million, this amount is not enough even for a one-time payment to each person mobilized in the republic, the amount of which is 50 thousand rubles.

The chief military commissar of Chuvashia (pictured in the header) was sent to pacify the mutinous recruits.

Earlier, “FACTS” reported details of the massacre at the training ground near Belgorod, where the mobilized racists shot themselves.

Photo: pt. me/ChuvashiaDream/5977


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