The traitorous former MP died in a car accident in Crimea

After the media reported the death in a road accident of the employee Kiril Stremousov, whom the occupiers appointed as the “deputy head of the regional administration” of the Kherson region, it became known about the death of another seller, also in a road accident.

According to the information Sergey Bratchuk, spokesman for Odessa OVAformer MP Alexiy Remenyuk is “pursuing Spermusov”.

“Yesterday in Crimea, 66-year-old Alexey Remenyuk, a boisterous former deputy of the VRU, fled the local garbage in his Range Rover and flew to a meeting, where he got into a truck. I died on the spot”Bratchuk writes and adds: “Thanks to those fearless truckers who in one day minus two U… levels at once.”

Remenyuk was a People’s Deputy of Ukraine from the 3rd and 4th convocations (1998-2006), a member of the Gromada, Batkivshchyna and United Rus parties, which were at one time banned by the court.

In 2003, he co-founded the Slavic People’s Patriotic Union (SNPS), which was renamed Putin’s Policy Party three years later. In March 2022, he founded and headed the socio-political movement “For United Russia”.

It is known that he died in Simferopol.

We remind you that in May of this year, David Zhvania, a people’s deputy from several convocations, died near Zaporozhye. This happened during the shelling, when his car was near the checkpoint of the occupiers in the area of ​​the village of Novopokrovka.

And in April, during the occupation of Kiev region by the Russians, the racists shot in Buch the former People’s Deputy Alexander Rzhavsky, who refused to give them alcohol.

Photo from Serhii Bratchuk’s page


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