The Techiia holding company brought the Russian bookmaker 1xBet to Ukraine — media

The company, which is part of the Ukrainian IT holding Techiia, has a direct connection with the Russian bookmaker 1xBet and probably helped it obtain licenses to operate in Ukraine. For this in his investigation “Family Ties. Who connects the Ukrainian holding company Techiia with the Russian bookmaker 1xBet”, wrote TK Priamiy.

As “Pryamiy” reports, the Ukrainian media suspected the Techiia holding in cooperation with 1xBet. Then they discovered the connection of the second co-founder, Yuriy Lazebnikov, with a Russian bookmaker: until 2020, he was a director of ME-ESTATE LLC, whose owner was Sergey Tsybin, who today owns Tvoya Bettingova Kompaniya LLC, which received licenses to operate on 1xBet in Ukraine.

The version is also confirmed by the fact that even after the start of the full-scale war, the e-sports company WePlay Esports, which is part of the Techiia holding, continued to cooperate with the Russian bookmaker 1xBet, which broadcast Counter Strike: Go competitions and the 5th season of WePlay in the summer and September 2022 Academic League, held by a Ukrainian e-sports company, and announced bets on them.

Already at the beginning of 2021, WePlay Esports announced its cooperation with 1xBet. But Techiia today denies any links with the infamous bookmaker.

However, as “Pryamiy” reports, even today there is a connection between WePlay, which is part of the Techiia holding, and 1xBet.

The fact is that the main lawyer of WePlay Esports is Roman Rodin, who is the brother of Alexander Rodin, director of Tvoya Betting Company LLC, which received licenses for the 1xBet operation in Ukraine. Alexander Rodin and Roman Rodin were registered to the same address in Kyiv, according to Pryamoi’s investigation. In addition, according to the media, the common-law wife of the director of the Ukrainian 1xBet, according to her Facebook page, also works in the legal department of WePlay Holding, that is, under the leadership of her husband’s brother.

Roman Rodin with his wife Valeria and Diana Shapovalova (left), civil wife of the director of TBK LLC Alexander Rodin. Photo: Diana Shapovalova’s Facebook page

“Pryamiy” emphasizes that after the information about the continued cooperation of the company from the Techiia holding with 1xBet reached the media, all traces of WePlay Esports and messages about its competitions began to disappear from the websites of the latter.

“Obviously, after falling into a scandal, the holding tried to remove any traces on the 1xBet sites. But how can this be done without direct contact with the Russian bookmaker and without influencing him?” – ask the authors of the investigation, who also do not rule out that the issue of “clearing” the mentions of Ukrainian e-sports on the websites of the Russian bookmaker may have been discussed directly at family meetings.


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