The target is 300,000 occupiers eliminated: enemy losses per day are indicated

The Ukrainian army continues to destroy the Russian invaders who came to Ukraine with weapons, enemy military equipment and ammunition.

During the past combat day, units of the Defense Forces liquidated 320 Russian soldiers, and the total number of enemy personnel losses since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine amounted to 67,070 soldiers, the General Staff reported.

In addition to servicemen and mercenaries, the enemy lost:

– tanks – 2579 (+6 per day);
– armored fighting vehicles – 5266 (+8);
– artillery systems – 1653 (+5);
– RSZV — 373 (+1);
– planes – 270 (+1);
– UAVs at operational-tactical level – 1341 (+16);
– automotive equipment and tankers — 4021 (+15);
– special equipment – 148 (+1).

In the comments to the message, Ukrainians thank our defenders and also note that the goal of 300,000 enemy soldiers killed is getting closer and closer. Where such a figure comes from is not entirely clear, but probably one of the analysts named the limit beyond which the Russian army will not be able to continue hostilities.

We remind you that the General Staff confirmed the destruction of the repair base of the occupiers and enemy equipment in the Nova Kakhovka region of the Kherson Region. The Russian occupiers who remained in Kherson changed into civilian clothes and took up residence in abandoned houses. The enemy is preparing Kherson for street battles.


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