“The survivors are hiding, they are afraid to even go to the checkpoints”: hundreds of Russians were killed near Svatovo in the Luhansk region

The Russian Fedor Vanyukov, who was demobilized with a bullet in the head, was not so lucky – he was immediately mobilized and died within a week. And 27-year-old Roman Demidenkov, who was mobilized from the Great Onion, was lucky in the war with Ukraine – he fought for only an hour and a half. And that: most of the time — unconscious. But now he can enjoy doctor-recommended bed rest and the occasional Ukrainian borscht.

Demidenkov from the Pskov region of the Russian Federation tried to avoid mobilization. He runs from the city to the village, but a mobile mobilization group is already waiting for him near his parents’ house. He was officially mobilized on October 7. And after a few days they were transported to the Luhansk region at the front. The recruits had just been unloaded in a forest strip when the mortar fire began.

Demidenkov had time to hear the sound of the engine of some equipment moving in his direction, when a grenade exploded nearby and he lost consciousness. He came to when a Ukrainian soldier offered him to surrender. To which Roman happily agreed. Not even an hour and a half had passed since he reached the front.

Shrapnel injuries were minor, but Ukrainian doctors recommended bed rest. Which he carefully observed, even giving an interview to journalist Dmytro Karpenko in a supine position.

The conversation with Roman Demidenko was posted on his YouTube channel by Volodymyr Zolkin. In social networks, it is already proposed to give the title of “fastest mobster” to the prisoner.

But Roman’s comrades from Voronezh were not so lucky in terms of “mobilization”. Half a thousand occupiers were destroyed in the Luhansk region, and their relatives picketed the Voronezh prosecutor’s office, demanding the truth about the fate of the mobilized, shovels for them and the return to the front of the commanders who fled before the battle.

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The story of the occupier Alexey Agafonov, who survived in the Luhansk region, cites a Russian publication. According to Agafonov, in three days the entire battalion mobilized from the Voronezh region was practically destroyed. Although they were promised rear service in the “territorial defense” of Svatovo. But on the night of November 2, they were all taken to the area of ​​nearby Makeevka, where they were ordered to entrench themselves in a forest strip and maintain a defensive line. The commanders almost immediately went to the rear as for soldiers’ belongings. And the mobilized found in the forest belt tens, if not hundreds, of the corpses of their predecessors. The newly arrived occupiers from the armed forces also had difficulties – shelling of their positions lasted for three days. Almost no one survived it.

“Out of 570 people, 29 remained unharmed, another 12 were injured, the rest – “all”– the publication quotes the words of Agafonov.

In Svatovo, where the survivors of the Voronezh battalion returned alone, their unfortunate comrades from other broken units are wandering around. They are collected by the superiors and together with the newly arrived reinforcements are again sent to the front line. According to Agafonov, “the Ukrainians have already cleared the entire territory where the mobilized people fought.”

His story is confirmed by the relatives of several other survivors who have managed to contact their relatives. The wife of one of them, Lyudmila Chernykh, relayed her husband’s words that some survivors “somehow got to Svatovoy, where they are hiding. They are afraid to go anywhere, they are afraid to go out even at the checkpoints. Management has abandoned them and they don’t know what to do, they’re just asking for help.

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The head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, Sergey Gaidai, confirmed the information to Russian journalists. He also reports that the Ukrainian Defense Forces are destroying the Russians in that direction with battalions.


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