“The shell hit the yard, the man is concussed, the woman with a broken pelvis”: a soldier for the villages destroyed by the attacks

Serhiy Fyshchuk, a sociologist in peaceful life, is currently defending Ukraine’s eastern borders. On his Facebook page, the soldier showed the consequences of the “Russian measure”, which left behind ruins and broken lives:

“In short, there is no village. Six thousand people lived. There are up to a hundred of those over 60 and a few dozen local alcoholics left. There are no surviving houses, surviving buildings. At least the windows are broken and there are signs of debris, many of the houses are simply destroyed by shells or burned. We had a couple on the next street with whom we traded milk cans. Male and female 50+. The projectile landed directly in their yard, the man was injured, the woman flew six meters, with a fractured pelvis. They were evacuated.

A third of the houses in the village, where six thousand people lived, were completely destroyed

The evacuation of local residents continues, every week someone invites help to leave. Of all the residents of our street, only the grandfather remained. I don’t know how he will get through the winter without electricity, water and gas. From time to time we go to the nearby street to take food and medicine to the grandmother who lives there.

In the summer, the atmosphere was like a mix of Mad Max and Fallout. Although we were hit much harder, the summer colors added zest and energy. “Stalker” was cast in the fall. Although I find melancholic beauty everywhere, living in ruins where nature dies little by little adds a lot of apathy to everyday life. He flies to the village every day. They shoot mostly tanks and mortars, sometimes hidden artillery, less often MLRS and aviation.”

Racists shell the village every day

According to the soldier, hardly anyone will return to the village after the war, because a third of the buildings have already been completely destroyed.

“In the broken houses there are fragments of the memory of those who lived there. Like children’s drawings, Says Sergey Fishchuk. — And cats and dogs, where would we go without them. Little by little they are taken out of the war into homes and shelters. But not everyone is lucky, because Russia destroys them with its shelling. Also add hunger, cold, and gradual brutalization of other animals. Sometimes you can watch a nearby house collapse before your eyes. How the memory of people and their work, in which they put their whole life, is destroyed.

Children’s drawings can be found in abandoned houses
…and those are the notes

My East will be a wild field for a long time to come, as it has been for most of its past history, but which it should not be now. Burnt, broken and deprived. It will remain a picturesque and at the same time dangerous border between us and the darkness. This village is a vivid example of what happens when Russia comes. We must do all in our power, together with you, to repel this influx and live our good lives under the rays of freedom.”

As “FACTS” reported, the famous artist Banksy painted a masterpiece on a ruined building in Borodyanka near Kyiv.

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Photo from Sergey Fishchuk’s Facebook page


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