The Russians are blackmailing the UN with the nuclear facilities in Sevastopol

At the meeting of the UN General Assembly during the discussion of the annual report on the work of the IAEA, the representative of the Russian delegation, Alexander Shevchenko, stated that the aggressor state “is ready to provide access to the nuclear facilities in Sevastopol upon request within the framework of the implementation of IAEA safeguards.”

“Without comment, this thesis was replicated by Russian propaganda, and individual “Crimean media” under the control of the aggressor began to announce “admission of military sites” and supposed “incredible generosity” in the form of “capitulation-lite”. He said that “the Kremlin’s unilateral concessions today are not seen as a gesture of goodwill, but as a forced response to a series of defeats in the war.” — reports the Association for the Reintegration of Crimea. – In fact, the stated statement of the occupiers to the UN should be seen first of all as a provocation, apparently the “Crimean media” is “not aware” that the only nuclear object whose presence in Crimea is not denied is the civilian nuclear training facility seized in 2014 reactor of the specialized institute in Sevastopol. Since 2014, the delegation of Ukraine has consistently reported to the IAEA about it as a dangerous and uncontrolled nuclear facility seized by the occupiers.”

According to the association’s experts, since 2014, for all possible visits to the occupied Crimea by officials of international organizations, the Kremlin has imposed an impossible condition – the criminal “recognition” of the alleged “Russian status of the peninsula”, which no intergovernmental structure can comply with .Now the Russian authorities are playing the “Sevastopol nuclear combination”, in which perhaps the IAEA delegation will not go to Crimea, refusing to fulfill the criminal demands of the Russians regarding the “recognition of the peninsula”.

“The occupiers can then carry out all sorts of provocations at the sites located in Sevastopol and declare ’emergency situations’, including fake ‘missile and drone attacks’ against Ukraine’s civilian nuclear facility captured in 2014.” If the IAEA delegation arrives in Crimea without any criminal political “confessions”, the occupiers will try to use it as a tool to “legitimize” the fake Sevastopol “administration” and other structures controlled by the aggressor, such as the fictitious “Sevastopol State”. University”.

Earlier it was reported that in the temporarily occupied Crimea, where the occupiers are digging trenches in anticipation of the arrival of the armed forces, activists of the underground movement “ATESH” announced the liquidation of 30 Russian servicemen in hospitals in Simferopol.


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