“The parents left the yard and 10 minutes later a fragment of a rocket arrived”: in Vinnytsia the consequences of racist terror are being eliminated

On the morning of October 31, the military shot down three Kh-101 cruise missiles in the Vinnytsia region, their launchers were fired from the Rostov region. As a result of falling debris, dozens of houses were destroyed in Lipivka village of Tomashpil municipality. Fortunately, there were no injuries or casualties among the locals.

For my parents, this date is already the second birthday, – told “FACTS” Vitaly Karpov, resident of Lipivka. “The morning the air raid began, they were consulting on the economy. The neighborhood is about 50 meters from the two-story cooperative where mom and dad live. It must be some kind of miracle, but they left in time to go home because after ten minutes there were explosions. The detonation probably took place on the ground because debris is already found all over the village. One part of the rocket fell directly into the basement of a residential building. People noticed a large column of smoke. Metal blinds miraculously stopped the glass flying into the parents’ room.

The tractor, with which the parents made a living and which was located meters from the entrance to this basement, was thrown 15 meters away. Nothing remained of the equipment. The top of the tractor was pushed to the roof of the house where my relatives live. The dog, which was 20 meters from the epicenter of the explosion, remained alive. He was definitely born with a shirt. Most likely due to the fact that in the summer my father and I strengthened this basement, and all the impact came right there. Of the animals, only the chickens were unlucky…

According to the interlocutor, at the moment the people in the village are scared because something like this does not happen to everyone. However, they are not giving up because they believe in the Armed Forces and have already started cleaning up the aftermath.

As he told “Suspilno” Ivan Nimarchuk, Deputy Chairman of Tomashpil Municipalitymillion hryvnias were allocated from the municipal budget to eliminate the consequences.

“More than a dozen houses have damaged slabs, blown windows, and the heating season is upon us, so it is necessary to quickly restore the homes. Specialists have already gone to the place and are calculating the damage”.

“Construction materials will be purchased for 600,000 hryvnias, and 400,000 hryvnias will be allocated for the payment of material assistance to people. Two two-story buildings with four apartments in each, 24 private and several administrative buildings were damaged by the blast wave and rocket fragments. The local school was also affected. The damage is within a kilometer radius. This is a consequence of both the shock wave and the debris. Already ordered materials, joinery, doors. Let’s start building again.”

Help card:

4441 1144 6296 2760 — Vitaly Karpov

Privatbank: 5457 0822 2935 2476 — Vitaly Karpov

We will recall the address of the President of Ukraine: “Resisting the Russian energy terror is now our national task.”


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