The occupiers keep children from Kherson and Melitopol in camps in Yevpatoria and say they will not return home, — SMI

The propaganda of the occupiers continues to exploit the topic of children from the regions of Zaporozhye and Kherson regions captured by the aggressors. They were forcibly taken under the guise of “evacuation” to Yevpatoria, which was occupied by the Racists.

“Even earlier, we knew about the placement of these children, without their relatives, in three camps in Yevpatoria controlled by the occupiers, and now their number has increased to five, namely Druzhba, Mriya, Lachezarno, ” Seagull”. ” and “Health”. At the same time, the children were taken for so-called “rehabilitation”, and relatives were told it was for “a few weeks”, now the children were informed that no one from occupied Crimea would return them and that they “must go to school here”, — reports the Association for the Reintegration of Crimea. — To suppress the obvious protest mood of the children, the invaders urgently sent forty “advisors” from Sevastopol to Yevpatoria, mainly from the occupation penal structures, as well as fake “Cossacks” and “militia”.

At the same time, as experts report, the fake “parliamentarians” Vladimir Bobkov and Sergey Trofimov organized a “selfie show” against the background of the stolen children, handing them notebooks and “Russian textbooks”. But in fact, they say, the children are in unheated “health centers” without normal food, warm clothes and shoes. But even relatives are not allowed to visit them.

FACTS previously reported that Putin’s military is detaining and deporting hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens, including children, to remote Russian regions. Russian authorities call the removal of children from the territory of Ukraine “evacuation”.

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