The long-awaited air defense system has arrived in Ukraine: what systems are we talking about?

A new batch of NASAMS and Aspide anti-aircraft missile complexes arrived in Ukraine.

For this in the social network reported Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov.

“NASAMS and Aspide air defense systems have arrived in Ukraine! These weapons will significantly strengthen the Ukrainian military and make our skies safer.” he wrote.

Missile systems for Ukraine

NASAMS (Norwegian Advanced Surface to Air Missile System) is a mobile Norwegian anti-aircraft missile complex designed to combat maneuvering aerodynamic targets at low and medium altitudes, a short- and medium-range air defense system.

The range of the NASAMS air defense system is 20 km (the AMRAAM ER missile is 40 km). Hit height: 0.03-16 km, probability of hitting the target with one missile: 0.85, system reaction time: 10 seconds.

The Spada Aspide ground-based air defense system is an Italian-Swiss development of a short-range ground-based air defense system used for air defense. The complex is used against aircraft, helicopters, drones and missiles launched by aviation. After launch, the Aspide missile flies at a speed of 1,324 m/s and provides target engagement at a maximum range of 12 km and a height of 6 km. The system is in service with the Spanish Air Force.

We recall that earlier President Volodymyr Zelenskiy stated that Ukraine needs additional supplies of HIMARS and MLRS, which have already allowed the armed forces to seize the initiative from the enemy and go on a counteroffensive. In addition, according to Zelensky, Ukraine desperately needs modern tanks that will allow the armed forces to liberate the occupied territories much faster and with fewer losses.


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