The legendary “cyborg” Stalker, the hero of the publication “FACTS”, was found in a mass grave in the Kharkiv region

He was considered one of the most hated opponents of the fighters. After all, he was a cyborg who maintained the airport in Donetsk. In the last days of the defense, he was captured. Yuriy Shkabura stayed there for exactly one month, about which “FACTS” told in detail (see the Russian version) And from the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the brave fighter once again took up the defense of Ukraine. However, the relationship with him broke up in the spring, and recently his wife found her lover in the mass grave of the village of Borova in Khakriv region. This was announced by an acquaintance of the family, Irina Gorbachova.

“I’m so torn in the middle. Yura disappeared in April. We hoped… In May, Natasha buried her own brother, our Smile. And then at the funeral in Kola, I prayed and asked God to see Yura alive… We hoped. We hoped so much… In 2014, Yura fought in the 90th battalion, was captured in DAP, miraculously survived and returned. In captivity, Yura’s forehead was cut with a knife, and my little five-year-old Timofey was affected by this, and he and Yura began to grow their foreheads for competitions. Natasha now recognized him by his forehead… We hoped that he was again in captivity. We hoped let’s see each other again, let’s hug, let’s laugh! I can’t tell you what he was like! A cheerful, good-natured good person, he loved people, he was honest, he was real. He knew how to love, he knew how to make friends!” she said.

It is known that Yuri Shkabura was found in a mass grave together with 22 soldiers from their unit. The fighter has a broken arm and a gunshot wound to the back.

“Yuri had no shoes, they stole his shoes, his phone, his token… They stole his life. He was stolen from his mother, from his wife, from his son, from his grandson, from our family… I have no words, you know, already even the loudest curses of the mozals are mute, because one cannot shout this pain. We carry it within us. We all carry this pain, everyone has their Yura. I have my own graveyard of those whose lives they stole, those who stole from me. Lord, I can’t, I’m begging you – punish me. And I will go to the funeral, I will visit the graves, I will support Natasha. And I will find the words to explain to Timofey that his uncle Yura is no longer there, that he accepted the battle, but they killed him, killed him and threw him into a common grave. And my son will know the value of the lives of Ukrainians and will love his land and value his Ukraine!” Gorbacheva added.


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