“The German government should put all its eggs in the military basket and provide Ukraine with all its weapons systems without delay,” Andriy Melnyk

In an interview with WELT, Ukraine’s outgoing ambassador called on the German government to end “previous restraint“. According to him, the war criminal Putin has no business dictating anything to the Ukrainians.

It is cowardly to bombard Ukrainian civilians every day, as was the case with the convoy near Zaporozhye, where on Friday 30 were killed and almost 100 were seriously injured, while at the same time talking about readiness for negotiations is a mere puppet. water, a black comedy full of cynicism. After Putin tried to annex 15 percent of Ukraine’s territory, more than Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg combined, he rejected any possibility of negotiations and disqualified himself as an interlocutor once and for all. The Ukrainian army will continue to liberate Russian-occupied regions step by step“.

Melnik noted that if there are ever real negotiations with Moscow, then the fate of those territories that were annexed in violation of international law will not be a subject of negotiations for us at all.

Kherson, Donetsk, Luhansk and Zaporozhye regions, as well as Crimea, were and remain an integral part of Ukraine. There will be no agreements with Russia until Moscow withdraws from all these regions. Of course, we should take the Kremlin’s threat very seriously and prepare for a nuclear strike scenario. However, the likelihood of this latest act of madness on Putin’s part remains pretty low. Because this greatest crime against humanity would inevitably mean the end of today’s Russia as we know it and the inevitable collapse of this rogue state. Russia will collapse like a house of cards. From this rubble dozens of independent republics will arise, many oppressed peoples will be freed from the Moscow yoke. Russia will lose its permanent seat on the UN Security Council and be stripped of its nuclear weapons. Putin perfectly understands that such an apocalyptic scenario is approaching his homeland, and therefore he is unlikely to take the risk of this most terrible catastrophe in the history of Russia».

The former ambassador of Ukraine believes that with his crazy speech, Putin has crushed any hope that an agreement can still be reached with this Russia.

Therefore, Germany need not worry too much about provoking Putin and forcing him into a corner. The German government must now at the latest put all its eggs in the military basket and immediately provide Ukraine with all its weapons systems, including Leopard battle tanks. It should also take the lead in imposing the toughest sanctions on the Putin regime to bring it to its knees. Frankly, the Western response to this new egregious crime by Putin has so far been completely inadequate. The fact that our allies will never recognize the attempted annexation of four Ukrainian territories is a central pillar, but it is too small. Now very painful punitive measures must follow, which will hit Russia very hard. I urge the Chancellor to put aside his previous reservations and all misgivings and finally act decisively and decisively to inflict a crushing military and economic defeat on Russia“.

We will remind you that Mr. Melnyk is leaving the post of Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany.


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