The former People’s Deputy from the “regionals” is building a plant in the Lviv region, illegally using the electricity of the community, – Kholobutsky

Former People’s Deputy from the “Party of Regions” Volodymyr Misyk is building a bakery “Kulinichi” in Lviv region without any permits for the use of electricity. They are stealing electricity from the residents of the Lviv region at a time when, due to Russian shelling, it is necessary to conserve, he claims political expert Oleksiy Holobutsky.

The business of the former regional Mysyk, which was saved by the head of OVA Kozytsky, who gave golden bread to Yanukovych, is now building his mega bread factory “Kulinichi” just outside Lviv, using the electricity of the community. Without any permits for the use of electricity. Without any documents. Vtupu is powered by the community network. More precisely, electricity is being stolen from the residents of the Lviv region“, – said Holobutsky in his blog on “Censor.NET”.

All this, according to the expert, is happening at the same time as Russian missiles are knocking out Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. Holobutsky asks the head of the Lviv OVA Maxim Kozitsky to pay attention to this.

Lviv shuts down 90% of arrivals. The president is calling for electricity to be saved because the whole country is going to black out. Sadovy urges you to buy small pots and firewood. Residents of Lviv simply do not know how to survive the winter – a schedule for limiting electricity consumption has been introduced throughout the region. And the enterprise of former regional p@#*t people electricity. I have a question for the head of the Lviv OVA Kozitsky, who brought the pro-Russian thieves to the area – does he already know the date when the people of Lviv will come to his door and ask: “Kozitsky, are you sleeping?” asked Oleksiy Kholobutsky.


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