The former head of the National Bank, Shevchenko, was declared an international wanted man — Central Committee

The former head of the National Bank of Ukraine, Kirill Shevchenko, who was previously wanted by NABU, has already been declared an international wanted man.

As reported by the Anti-Corruption Center, the former head of the NBU left Ukraine with an official passport. This became known during a session of the Supreme Administrative Court, at which a measure of remand for the suspect was chosen in absentia.

“As reported by the SAP prosecutor, on September 20, Shevchenko left Ukraine on a business trip to London with a business passport. The business trip ended a day later, but he did not return. The former head of the NBU independently went on vacation: first until September 30, and later extended it until October 7.the message says.

According to Shevchenko’s lawyer, his client is currently in Vienna, Austria, where he was registered as a consul and rented an apartment.

The Central Committee draws attention to the fact that at the beginning of October, Shevchenko announced on social networks that she was undergoing treatment. But at the meeting, his lawyer provided a medical report from a private Austrian clinic, dated only October 12. The conclusion does not indicate a specific diagnosis and does not provide for hospitalization. This refers only to the recommendation of doctors to carry out certain diagnostics, undergo tests and refrain from long-distance travel.

“SAP claims that Shevchenko should have returned to Ukraine because his reservation as a conscript was automatically removed from the moment of his release from parliament and he does not have an outright ban on long-distance travel, only recommendations. The prosecutor also reported that Shevchenko refused to provide the investigation with his phone number and email address, although he knew exactly about the suspicion, which he himself wrote on Facebook.the message says.

The lawyer insisted that the prosecutor’s office knew Shevchenko’s Austrian address and that is why he requested the client’s summons under the international legal assistance procedure. The court rejected the subpoena because the procedure for choosing a preventive measure in absentia does not include the participation of the suspect, and the defense did not present evidence of the impossibility of Shevchenko to come to the meeting for valid reasons.

The lawyer then filed a complaint with the investigating judge, which was later dismissed.

We will recall that NABU and SAP informed Shevchenko about the suspicion of organizing the embezzlement of over 206 million UAH of the state-owned Ukrgasbank, in which he first worked as a deputy chairman of the board, and then as chairman.

Photo from the page of the Central Committee of the People’s Republic of China


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