“The first alarm bell rang at the end of spring”: the war claimed another Ukrainian officer

On November 6, they said goodbye to the fighter Oleg Tarakhkalo in Vinnytsia. Already at the beginning of the Russian invasion, he went to defend our country in the east, was wounded and returned home. But after the start of a full-scale war, he did not hesitate to defend the country again. We lost touch with him in May and it is only now that the terrible news of his death has been confirmed.

Oleg Tarakhkalo, tactical-level staff officer and chief state inspector of the Department of Prevention and Counteraction of Drug and Weapons Smuggling and Canine Support of Kyiv Customs. For us, he will forever remain a colleague, a customs officer, a principled and inquisitive person, — reported the Kyiv Customs on Facebook. — Oleg was our reliable friend for 15 years, during which time he served in the Kyiv Customs. In October 2014, after the Russian invasion, Oleg went to defend the Motherland. October 2014 was military action, siege and unblocking of the 32nd Bakhmutka checkpoint (Lisichansk-Luhansk highway), and then a special purpose battalion of the National Guard.

Oleg resigned from the Kyiv Customs in 2020. But, as colleagues say, they never let him out of sight.

They knew that from the first days of the war he took up arms again, defended the capital during the attack on Kyiv, and then rushed to the front line, near Izyum. The first alarm bell rang at the end of spring, rumors began to spread among colleagues that Oleg was not connecting. On June 4, his birthday, he did not contact in any way, it was already late. Then another wave of information, as if someone recognized him in a racist video among the dead. But I didn’t believe the last one, I didn’t want to believe that this intelligent and always polite person was killed by the racists. The silent faith did not come true. Oleg died.”

The live chain stretches for several kilometers. The hero was escorted on his knees with flowers and flags. Oleg was buried in his native village of Krasnosiltsi.

We remind you that the SBU neutralized enemy saboteurs who were preparing the assassination of the commanders of the Special Operations Forces.


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