‘The fact that the Russians were killing children was the last straw’: the story of a British sniper who fought on the side of Ukraine

Since the beginning of Russia’s large-scale aggression in Ukraine, our country has been actively supported by Western partners and foreign citizens, in particular as part of the International Legion.

One of those destroying enemies is a British soldier with the call sign Ghost, who has previously been in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Nigeria. Officials of the Ukrainian Witness project were able to contact the soldier, who hides his identity and usually avoids journalists.

The man came to Ukraine to protect it from the Russian invaders. “The last straw was the fact that the Russians were killing children, he says. — I don’t like it and I won’t tolerate it. I hate Russians for this.”

For three weeks he considered his participation in this war, and his mother refused to go to Ukraine several times. “But I felt drawn to Ukraine,” says the Spirit. — I had to go fight and now my mother doesn’t worry about me.”

The soldier has been to Afghanistan three times and Iraq twice. He also fought in the hot spots of Bosnia and Nigeria. He has 20 years of service in the British Army, 15 of them as a sniper.

In Ukraine, he managed to survive a 19-hour bombardment and injuries. The soldier is currently undergoing rehabilitation and very much wants to return to the front. “Everything they eat [росіянам] we have to know we’re going to win”he says.

According to the sniper, the Russian army cannot be considered professional. “Russian soldier shot me three times at close range and missed”he recalls and adds: “I killed him.”

The serviceman shared an anecdotal incident that happened during his time in Ukraine. So, he shoots one of the enemy soldiers in a rather spicy situation: “He was doing something he shouldn’t have been doing… When I shot him, he was masturbating.

In addition, the legionnaire has his own list of people he would like to eliminate. In addition to Russian commanders and generals, this list includes Alexander Lukashenko and Hollywood actor Steven Segal. The latter is known for his pro-Russian position and is even a member of one of the Russian political parties.

The soldier admits that this war will be his last. And after the victory, he wants to stay living in Ukraine, he says – he has never seen better people than here anywhere in Europe.

It is worth noting that Privid’s work as part of the armed forces is completely legal: with the consent of the Ukrainian government, the man joined the ranks of the International Legion, which was formed this year in the armed forces. Volunteers from other countries serve in this military unit, and it was created specifically to combat the full-scale invasion of Russia on the territory of Ukraine.

We will recall that Connor Kennedy, the son of the nephew of the 35th US President John Kennedy, also visited Ukraine. The 28-year-old American told about it only after he returned home.

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