The enemy fired about 40 shells at Nikopol, injuring two women

The Russian military again directed its “Hradi” and heavy artillery towards the settlements of Nikopol and Marganets. Two women, aged 46 and 82, were injured and taken to a local hospital. At the moment, their condition is assessed as moderate. This is stated in the announcement of the head of the regional military administration Valentina Reznichenko.

According to his information, Nikopol suffered the most – nearly 40 deadly shells flew into the city during the night.

In the city, more than 40 high-rise and private buildings, more than two dozen commercial buildings, several gas lines and power lines were damaged.

Damaged tall building
A house destroyed by shelling

Russian shells completely destroyed a house and caused two fires – in an apartment and in a private yard. Firefighters have already tamed the flames.

The local college, the RACS department, the administration building and the tire repair shop were also affected by the shelling.

The college building was mutilated
Shell fragments pierced the roof

In the village of Marganets, no one was injured, but private houses were hacked.

We remind you that on the night of November 5, Nikopol was also shelled by 40 shots from the “Towns”, but the people remained unharmed.

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