The critical food situation may provoke popular uprisings, — Kremlin insiders on the situation in the Russian Federation

According to people in the know, an analysis of the current situation in the economy and a forecast for the next two years were presented in the Kremlin that day. The analysis is based on the situation in the country and data as of October 31, 2022.

According to Russian experts, as early as 2024, Russia will face a food crisis, an increase in poverty and a decline in the real income of the population. And all this will happen at a galloping speed.

It is in 2024 that the critical food situation can provoke popular unrest that will grow into riots.

So, the report shows that 2024 will be the most difficult year for Russia since 1991. Economists are confident that the 1990s will look like years of prosperity and plenty compared to 2024.

But there will be problems not only with food, but also with meeting the needs of medicines. The situation in medicine does not just bode well, but is very likely moving towards a critical point.

Interestingly, according to insiders, Russia will need humanitarian support in 2024, otherwise the population of some regions will face starvation.

But Putin was not particularly impressed by the report, for him such a “long-term” perspective is not relevant today.

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