“The closer our victory is, the greater the threat of losing it in the final steps,” the expert said

Not only Westerners, but also some Ukrainian intellectuals believe that democracy is possible in Russia after Putin. How the Democrats will come to power – he shared his own thoughts publicist, teacher at the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School Valery Pekar.

Obviously, Democrats can only come to power as a result of democratic elections. And this means not only the presence of many parties on the electoral list, but also the following: equal access of all parties to the media, the possibility of safe campaigning in the streets, public control over electoral commissions, courts that do not favor the individual. candidates. I don’t know where the independent media will appear in Russia, the police that protect the agitators from the bandits, and at least some courts. For example, Martians may occupy Russia to hold fair elections. But civil society, without which fair elections are impossible, they will not be able to bring from Mars, it must be cultivated locally.

But let’s still assume that Martians with pink unicorns have occupied Russia to hold fair and transparent elections under international control. Who will win then? The party of discontent, revanchism, resentment and revenge will win. A party with very left-wing economic approaches combined with very right-wing political approaches – literally the National Socialists – will win. If the democrats come to power not as a result of elections, but by armed means (I wonder how many are ready to fight for democracy in today’s Russia?), then in the process of this struggle they will lose the ideals of democracy, liberty and fraternity, and even more so in the process of preserving and consolidating power over a vast empire”.

According to Pekar, if there are democrats in Russia, let them try to create a small democratic state, for example, Ingria with St. Petersburg as its capital. And all enslaved peoples will be set free.

Why do I pay so much attention to the fate of the Russian Empire? The nearer our victory is, and it grows nearer every day, the greater is the danger of losing it in the last steps. For victory is peace better than the former; therefore, the Ukrainian victory is not only the liberation of all our territories from the occupiers, but also a state of affairs when the empire will never again threaten Ukraine.”.

We recall the recently published by “FACTS” interview “Putin’s repressive machine is already eating itself” of retired FSB colonel Gennady Gudkov.


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