The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation covered the Russian army grouping in Skadovsk with fire, and the enraged enemy shelled Chernobayevka, — General Staff

The occupying forces do not stop the artillery shelling in the region of Donbass, Zaporozhye, Krivorizhko and Kherson. As reported in the evening report of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in the Donetsk region, the enemy fired artillery of the entire spectrum in the areas of the settlements of Vodyane, Krasnogorovka, Maryinka, Novomykhaylovka, New York, Pervomaiske and near Kherson, more especially, areas of populated areas were subjected to mortar and artillery shelling points Antonovka, Bilozerka and the legendary Chornobaevka.

However, the enemy suffered significant losses. Thus, in the currently occupied Skadovsk, where the regional occupation “administration” is located, as a result of the destruction of the area where the occupiers were concentrated, the loss of personnel amounted to about 50 people killed. And in the town of Chaplinka, the demolition of the ammunition warehouse is confirmed.

Therefore, the enemy is redeploying its troops – according to available information, the movement of separate units of the Russian occupation troops from the Kherson direction to the city of Novoaidar in the Luhansk region has been registered.

During the past 24 hours, the Ukrainian aviation carried out 4 strikes on areas of concentration of manpower, armaments and military equipment of the enemy, and missile and artillery units of the Defense Forces hit 2 control points, 9 areas of manpower, armaments and military equipment. concentrated, 2 warehouses for ammunition and railway

We remind you that it became known about the number of civilian victims of enemy shelling on the territory of Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Kharkiv and Kherson regions on November 17 – 1 dead and 4 wounded in Donetsk region, 5 dead in Zaporozhye region, 1 wounded civilian in Kharkiv and Kherson areas.


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