“Tetyana was demonstratively hanged near the court for the phrase “Skadovsk is Ukraine”: terrifying details of the crime of racists in Kherson region

In November Tatiana Mudrenko could have celebrated her 56th birthday, but the woman did not live to see that day by a month. On October 7, in the occupied Skadovsk in the Kherson region, from where Russians and collaborators are now fleeing in a hurry, Tetiana and her husband Anatoly Orekhov were kidnapped by policemen who, after the full-scale Russian invasion, went to cooperate with the aggressor. Soon after, the body of a woman who defended her pro-Ukrainian position even during the occupation was found in the center of Skadovsk near the courthouse. Tatiana’s husband already has a broken arm after torture.

“In occupied Skadovsk, the sister continued to ride a bicycle with a Ukrainian flag”

Tatyana and I are twins, born and raised in Dnipro, – told “FACTAM” sister of the deceased Natalia Chorna. — She is a nurse by profession, for some time she performed the duties of a paramedic at the local “Slavutich” plant, she worked in the departments of pulmonology, surgery and infectious diseases in hospitals. She was always respected for her skilled help and kind heart.
Ten years ago, Tanya was on vacation in Skadovsk, on a trip to Dzharylgach Island, she met Anatoly. He was the captain of the boat that took the tourists to the island. We liked each other, exchanged contacts. Tolya himself is Russian, he has relatives there, but he has been living in Ukraine for a long time and has pro-Ukrainian views. He had a wife and child in Skadovsk, but they divorced. Tanya and Tolya drove next to each other for the first time. When the holiday season ended, Tolya lived in the Dnieper. Tatiana took great care of him, cooked deliciously. Anatoly later offered his sister to move in with him and she agreed.

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Even after retirement, Tetiana worked in hospitals, kindergartens and children’s sanatoriums in Skadovsk. In the summer, she drove disabled children from the Dnieper to the resort town, accompanying them as a medical worker. In addition, the nurse took care of elderly people, put drops. She was quite mobile – she quickly got on her bicycle and rode to the patients, covering considerable distances. The sister looked great for her age. As a model. It was

Remember the morning of February 24th. How did the war begin for the sister and her husband?

The fact is, I’ve been staying with them since November, so I’ve witnessed all the happenings. Then my arm hurt and my sister and I were doing exercises. Tolya came in and said that the war had begun. At the beginning of March, there are already occupiers in Skadovsk who are holding the mayor captive. We and other people came to the square, chanted for his return, sang Ukrainian songs and the national anthem. Then the Rashists announced that they would release the mayor in an hour and a half. And then they brought trucks from which they took out some boxes. They opened them – and there were noise grenades. They threw them at us, they sprayed tear gas in my sister’s face, we heard automatic volleys. We posted many videos of these events on Facebook. There was such a void after these events. People got scared and no one organized rallies anymore. Some left town. And besides, they actively traveled around Skadovsk, took pictures of the occupiers … The sister continued to ride a bicycle with a Ukrainian flag, spoke in Ukrainian and was very annoyed that the neighbors, who only yesterday called Ukraine their home, suddenly began to sympathize with the Russians .

“Tanya must have been handed over to the racists by police associates”

Why didn’t the relatives dare to leave?

Tanya fell in love with Skadovsk and did not want to leave it. Even I wanted to sell my house in Dnipro and move there. But it did not work. It seems to me that the sister believed in our victory to the last and understood what was on her land. I went to Dnieper in April due to family circumstances, paying 5000 hryvnias for it.

Under what conditions did Tatiana disappear and how did you know she was not alive?

It is difficult to say for sure what provoked the conflict. Locals say that my family car caught up with the police and they got stuck. They wanted to take the car, but the people around them were outraged and saved it. The couple was released, but in the evening they returned for them. The house was turned over, the car and bicycles taken. Tanya told the occupiers that Skadovsk is Ukraine and will never be Russian. The sister and her husband were taken to the local pre-trial detention center. On October 7, I lost contact with Tatyana, I wrote to the closed pro-Ukrainian public. At one time there was also a sister there, but she left the day before so as not to endanger anyone. I was recently sent information from a website about a dead woman. There are strangulation marks. For example, the woman was walking her dog and was looking for information from the orcs. I recognized my sister in the picture…

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Clearly, this is not suicide. The nurse didn’t even know how to tie this rope. And also in front of the courthouse. Tanya was called “the eyes of Skadovsky”. Not even her husband knew what she had done. She must have been handed over by police officers. But Tanya definitely didn’t ask for anything. What I saw, what I saw… When it’s all over, I’m going to ask for an exhumation. I won’t leave it at that. Nothing was known about the fate of Tola’s sister’s husband. And on October 18, he called me and informed me that he was released to bury his wife, he did not say about the injuries. But his arm is broken.

As far as I know, your sister has a son. Has he spoken to his mother?

This is a difficult and closed topic. He went to Russia and now he is teaching us whose homeland is whose. His wife is from Krasnoperekopsk, that’s Crimea. Her relatives were so happy about the occupation. They received two pensions. And then they complained that one had been carried away. Tatyana was going through all this hard…

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