Substations were attacked: DTEK announced that some regions would be without electricity for several days

Russia continues to destroy Ukraine’s infrastructure. Massive shelling by the occupiers on November 15 and 17 may cause further large-scale blackouts. The light may disappear in a few days, and sometimes it may not appear at all in just a few hours.

This is what the executive director of DPEK said on the telethon Dmytro Sakharuk.

“The situation is very serious. So far it is under control, but difficult. The Russians did serious damage to transmission facilities – substations that carry electricity from one area to another, that supply many areas in the center and west.” Saharuk said.

According to him, one of the blows hit the thermal power plant, it stopped working completely due to damage.

“The situation at the moment is that emergency stop schedules are in place across the country, some areas are very heavily restricted…” – noted the executive director of DPEK.

Saharuk said that after the large-scale shelling, it was possible to partially provide electricity to some consumers, but it was still impossible to significantly reduce the volume of outages. According to him, at the moment about 40% of consumers in Ukraine are still without electricity and it is impossible to say when the situation will change.

Reconstruction work is already underway, but in some areas the rubble is still being dismantled. The rescuers find destroyed equipment under them. In some cases, the area must be demined before repair work can begin. In such conditions, power outages can last for days.

“Unfortunately, now we will not be talking about planned blackouts, but about planned inclusions in some regions, and there are many of them. Unfortunately, the hours that these scheduled inclusions will be available are two or three hours at most.” Saharuk said.

We will remind you that earlier in the company “Ukrenergo” they also called on Ukrainians to understand the situation, informing that for several days in a row, after mass lightning strikes on critical infrastructure, schedules for hourly outages, as well as additional emergency outages, are being implemented throughout Ukraine.


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