“Son in captivity”, “housing for displaced persons” and “money for the military”: Ukrainians told about popular fraud schemes

In the conditions of the war in Ukraine, new criminal schemes of fraudsters have appeared, believing that citizens are losing money and putting themselves in danger. This is stated in the message of the Kyiv police.

Thus, law enforcement officers note that knowing the likely methods of fraudsters will help citizens preserve their savings.

– “raising funds for the military” – fraudsters, under the guise of volunteers, collect money for ammunition, treatment or other things needed by the military, but appropriate all donations for themselves. In this case, the police urge citizens to trust only verified charities or government special accounts, to check the correctness of the names of the sites you visit and where you enter your personal data.

– “providing information on the whereabouts of missing relatives” — after seeing an advertisement on the Internet for the search for a missing person, criminals contact the authors of the publication and report that they have information on the whereabouts of the missing person, but ask for a reward for such a service.

– “evacuation transport” — the attackers place advertisements on the Internet for the transport of citizens from the war zone to a safer place. However, they require upfront payment for their services. After receiving the money, they no longer contact each other. The police again urge citizens to trust only verified charities that deal with the evacuation of citizens and not to pay money in advance to unknown persons, as well as to buy train or bus tickets only on official online resources.

– “renting housing at a favorable price for displaced persons” — in such cases, fraudsters rent out “imaginary” apartments or houses, but after receiving a subscription to the card, they do not contact. Police warn: always check the landlord’s information and ask to see the landlord’s housing documents and passport.

– “your son has been captured” – the perpetrators call the parents or other relatives of the missing person and, giving the name and surname of the missing person, inform them that he is allegedly in captivity and in order to release him, they must pay money. The police advise not to panic and not give in to emotions, first try to contact the relative yourself and call the Joint Center for the Search and Release of Prisoners or contact the nearest military administration or officials of the order.

Fraudsters also continue to trick people into online shopping for a non-existent product; are represented by bank employees who, after learning the personal data on the bank card, transfer funds to their accounts; they call under the guise of law enforcement officers who want to pay money in order not to bring one of the relatives to criminal responsibility.

The police once again remind the citizens:

• carefully check the information you provide
• do not rush to follow the instructions of strangers
• do not transfer funds to foreign card accounts
• do not let strangers into the apartments, require documents.

As “FACTS” wrote, a brazen criminal swindler was recently discovered in the Kyiv region.


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